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Thomas Edison probably had it right: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work!"

Most organizations struggle, at least at some stage of their growth. And the stories of companies, nonprofits, associations and schools which survive are often inspiring and usually stories worth telling. Are you thinking of telling the story of your organization or company in a video, or book, or both?

Is your company about to celebrate a major annniversary? Is the founder about to retire?

Your Story Here can help plan, direct and produce histories of organizations, businesses and companies that can be:

    Screened at celebrations or anniversaries;

    Shown at conferences or award ceremonies;

    Sent to clients to build goodwill and support;

    Distributed to staff via bulk-produced DVD;

    Edited and posted to the company website or other web host; and

    Part of other company history initiatives such as photo preservation,
    oral histories and company history books.

Why not give Jane a call - number below right - and see if we can help your organization put together a history.

Nonprofit and Association Profiles on Video

If you are a nonprofit or a voluntary association then you rely on your benefactors and volunteers to function.

Are you looking to report on progress to your stakeholders? A video is an ideal way to stay connected and ensure that you will have their support in the future.

Your Story Here can help with all stages of the process from creating and outlining the concept, through budgetting and resource allocation, to production and final delivery.

Consolidating Client Support

Business profiles can be a valuable way to build support in your client community.

Nonprofit Profile (Church)

Organizations can use video, still images, interviews, text and sound to tell their story...

Why Choose Your Story Here
for your Company History?

1. We are lean and efficient. We create in video or in print - or both.

2. We are flexible, easy to work with and we prefer a consultative, partnership approach. The client is the ultimate producer.

3. We specialize in historical subjects. We have won film awards for our documentaries, printed thousands of books, and almost all of our work involves interviews.
Company History Books
4. We specialize in historical images and digitizing and restoring historical images (at Your Story Here LLC we actually have our own photo restoration division).

5. For video, we shoot in HD and use high quality audio and lighting - but we do not have large crews and we do not have an expensive cost structure.

6. We also produce company-history-on-video and company history book add-ons such as web video and digital archives.

So when it is time for you to create an organizational profile or a company history on video, call Jane on the number below.

About Your Story Here LLC Company Histories on Video

We have delighted hundreds of clients with our careful and caring video production and video editing work through all aspects of the process. We bring that same level of expertize and professionalism to company histories and organizational profiles on video.