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Ethical wills, or "legacy letters", go back to Biblical times. They spring from the enduring human desire to help the following generations by leaving something more than mere possessions behind.

Also called "spiritual wills", some people choose to write an ethical will and leave it in a deed packet along with their testamentary will. Some people choose to share it while they are still living - others may decide to wait until they are gone.

Other people, with the stamina for it, write a book - or even two (as Elizabeth Edwards did in preparation for her own tragic death in December 2010).

The advantage of an ethical will or legacy letter on video is that it captures the real person - their personality, their smile - themselves. They can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Just below is a short sample of an ethical will on video.

"Ethical Will Sample"

Ethical wills, personal legacy statements and spiritual letters on video allow us
to pass our ethical values and life lessons on to the next generation.
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Preparing an ethical or spiritual will is not always easy.

It requires us to confront the big issues of human existence - including our own limited time on this earth and that our children and our grandchildren will one day be left without our caring and our help.

Legacy letters also require some care and tact - words left behind cannot further be explained or taken back!

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An ethical will

Interested in preserving your family values and personal principles with an ethical will or legacy letter on video?

Through your ethical will or legacy letter, you can:

  • Talk to future generations
  • Share what you value
  • Express your hopes and dreams
  • Give advice
  • Tell stories
  • Teach the lessons you have learned
  • Seek and grant forgiveness
  • Express love and understanding; and
  • Show who you are as a person.

Leave more than possessions.

Spiritual wills allow you to pass along the fruits of your experience and your wisdom.

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