Video biography and family history video samples

Every legacy video, family documentary or video memoir is different. So, we always approach each new life with a fresh perspective. You may find it helpful to see extracts and samples of the video biography work we have done for others.

Your Story Here video memoirs and personal documentaries are normally between 40 and 60 minutes of fully edited video.

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On this page are short sample clips from actual Your Story Here video biographies and legacy videos.

Each Your Story Here product comes with superb custom designed DVD box cover art - see samples on this page.

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Recent Samples of our Video Biography, Legacy Video & Video Memoir Work

"Three Brothers from Pittsburgh"

The story of these three brothers - and their proud family - is also the story of Pittsburgh.

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"Talking to Bee Gibbs"

Bee Gibbs has some unusual interests for a woman of 92.

"New Lives in America"

Ireland-born grandparents Loretta and Thomas visit their first home in America.

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"Looking Back"

Chuck M reflects on a long and successful life, and giving back.

Case studies

We have created video biographies and personal documentaries for individuals and couples in all kinds of circumstances, including:

   Memory loss patients |      WWII love letters |      60th birthday

To see even more examples of our video biography, family documentary and legacy video work visit our      YouTube Channel   or click around this website a little more!